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Exploring the Unknown
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Show Off Your Ride With BikerGirlBling!

I want to tell your story.... 
From custom paint to sparkles!  
Or maybe you ride a Dirt Bike, Scooter, or Vintage Bike?

(aka The Frozen Canuck)

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Monday, May 22, 2017

The Highs and Lows of Becoming A Tattoo Artist!

Pic/Giff © Smarter Every Day
I am not going to lie. The road to becoming a tattoo artist has had its highs and lows and though I find myself discouraged at times, I can say that I have enjoyed learning the a to z of tattooing. Though I have always had a dose of healthy respect for good tattoo artists, actually putting needle to flesh has made me realize just how talented these people really are. Best described as part painter, part sketch artist with a touch of calligraphy for good measure, getting used to just holding the tattoo machines has been a challenge in its own. It's easy to forget that you have to use it in just such a way that the needles are making proper contact with the pig skin and in doing so, creating a proper line. However, to begin with, I underestimated the availability of pig skin in Sherbrooke! Adding to the oddity of my dilemma, when I did find some available pig skin, it was at Le Marché Végétarien on King Est in Sherbrooke!

B.A.C.A. Montreal, Quebec Chapter - 100 Mile Run

B.A.C.A. Montreal, Quebec Chapter 
100 Mile Run

The day was here. We would meet in Terrebonne, Quebec at 9:30AM and register with the 2nd Annual B.A.C.A. Montreal Chapters 100 Mile Run. It was a cool morning at 10C but the Harley was set to go, and I was excited to meet up with my buddy BugSpatteredJacket to do a short leg of the 100 mile run. Our plan was to then split from the group, ride back roads and discuss over a warm cup of coffee our project for a series of short films.

Friday, May 19, 2017

To Vlog or Not To Vlog? Setting Up My GoPro Hero Session!

When my Kodak EasyShare P850 Camera went the way of The DoDo several years ago so did any thoughts I may have had of filming my rides. I wasn't vlogging per se, as I can't stand the sound of my own voice. If anything, it was highly stupid of me to be filming with a handheld camera whilst riding. This time I opted to go with a purpose made action camera that could be attached to Bella, Bambi or even Darwin in a secure fashion that didn't involve either me holding it or using duct tape. Cue the GoPro Hero Session. But, wait, why does Ted Forbes review a GoPro Hero4 Session? Because they are one and the same camera! Only, GoPro has lowered the price, removed some accessories and essentially made it its entry level camera.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ban The Accompanying Rider Law In Quebec!

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Pic © SAAQ

Whether you're new to riding or an experienced all weather biker trapped in the bureaucratic bullshit that is exchanging your foreign permit for a Quebec one, obtaining a motorcycle driver's license in Quebec is still as aggravating and nonsensical as a tuna and peanut butter sandwich. The Société de l'Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) still insists that permit holders must go through a two year process before they can ride alone. Whilst students can easily complete the theory and circuit test in one summer, it's the eleven month period whereby you can only ride your bike whilst being accompanied by a full motorcycle permit holder that just plain sucks. Whilst I applaud the SAAQ for their recent Motorcycle Safety Days, this is one aspect of their approach that leaves something to be desired.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

DesTination: Boscobel Ghost Town

Welcome To The Boscobel Ghost Town!
What better way to start the riding season in earnest than by beginning with Quebec's various ghost towns with Bella, my Moto Guzzi V7 Racer. Admittedly, the decision was inspired by an article that I came across titled 9 Creepy But Beautiful Ghost Towns You Need To Visit In Quebec by Jeremy Hazan. Boscobel is listed as number 2 on Hazan's list. A quick Google search yielded some supporting evidence to the existence of this ghost town as both Katrina of Globeventures and another website by the name of Barraclou share some of the history along with various pictures of this otherwise obscure little area. So with a full tank of petrol, a fully charged camera and the promise of a beautiful day Bella and I set off this morning with high hopes of exploring a semi-abandoned village.

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Review Of David H. Price's Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State By Heather Major

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In the book Weaponizing Anthropology by David H. Price, his opinion is clear; the Human Terrain System (HTS) is not ethical anthropology (Price, 2011, p.174). Price asserts that social sciences program funded by the US military to “win the hearts and minds” of those in Iraq and Afghanistan to “save lives” and to “humanize” the other is a hoax (Udris Film, 2010). A poignant chapter in Price’s book is chapter ten: “Going Native: Hollywood’s human terrain Avatars” (Price, 2011, p.173).  This chapter compares the movie Avatar with the HTS program and discusses how similar fiction can be to reality, except, in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are real bullets and death with no avatar to create that distancing buffer zone (Price, 2011, p.173). Chapter ten in Weaponizing Anthropology also raises issues with cultural habits in American society, rather than only criticizing the program specifically. Price highlights that Americans have been so indoctrinated in the belief that militarism, patriotism and imperialism are good, that they have sided with the anthropologists who have been abusing their power, rather than with the natives as they did while watching the movie Avatar (Price, 2011, p.176). The author even points out that anthropologists have bowed to this militarism, which is proven by the existence of the HTS itself. According to Price, this program is furthering military intelligence regarding the native populations in the Middle East, but the information is being distributed to all levels of the military, not just those who are on a need to know basis (Price, 2011, p.175). So, when those anthropologists, sociologists, linguists and political scientists submit their work, they are submitting information that can be used for several military reasons that they do not get to approve or even know about (Price, 2011, p.175). Thus, the main point of this chapter is that the HTS is not ethical, nor does it follow any of anthropology’s responsibilities. To put Price’s viewpoint into perspective, the ethical responsibilities of anthropologists will be listed below and compared with the incongruous actions of the Human Terrain System.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rockin For Relief @ Resto Bar Le Pionnier

"We are happy to announce the "Rockin' for Relief" benefit concert this Thursday evening at Le Pionnier in Pointe-Claire, in support of the Neighbours Relief Fund. Come rock out with us, and help those affected by recent floodings!" 

Tickets are $10 at the door!
Fabulous raffle prizes & 1/2 & 1/2 draw! 
We hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Tattoo Life Episode 2 - Tattoo-Rendez-Vous Convention At Trois-Rivières!

All in A Day's Work! ;-)
Hey guys! sorry for the massive gap between updates, On todays episode of the tattoo life... (as if my life was a TV show haha, although sometimes I think it is, now with all the buzz and attention that tattoo artists and tattoo shops get.) Forever Ink recently attended the 3rd edition of the Tattoo Rendezvous Trois-Rivières. It took part at the Delta Hotel, concerning conventions, it was a rather small one , all "local" talent, being as the farthest artist was from New Brunswick, everyone else from Quebec. It was pretty nice to walk around and see the all the amazing work and variety from my home province of Quebec.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Women of Moto

Art © Amanda Zito
"Women of Moto - Canadian Edition; is a coast-to-coast project that will showcase how women who ride motorcycles in Canada are breaking gender stereotypes through their common love for two wheels and an open road. We will introduce you to women from various backgrounds and demonstrate how riding has influenced them, building strength and character in their everyday lives." 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Date With Bambi!

Bambi Makes A New Friend
The weather was just right for an evening ride as it was Bambi's turn for a short stint in and around the Eastern Townships. My little SYM Wolf Classic 150 performed flawlessly despite some harsh crosswinds. At just 266 pounds, it's easy to feel like the front wheel is giving out under her but inevitably, she putters along without a care in the world. Something I admittedly could learn from her. With no particular destination in mind, it wasn't long before Bambi and I found ourselves on some backroads with some rather lovely views to be had. The following are just a few pictures of an otherwise perfect evening ride.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Beakster Checks Out #TheMotoSocial

The Iron Kilt Returns To canada In Style 😎
Pic © Beakster

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Review of Anne Westhues (Editor) and Brian Wharf's (Editor) Canadian Social Policy, Fifth Edition: Issues and Perspectives (2012)

(click to view)

I had the privilege of teaching SOC292 Social Policy last semester at Bishop's University. This course is an introduction to the sociological study of social policy in the Canadian context. The course examined civil society in relation to a rapidly changing policy context. The development and outcomes of policy was investigated from a number of theoretical perspectives. Thus, students acquire a broad understanding of Canadian social policy in the context of a “globalized” world. In so doing, they explored what is social policy and policy analysis; how social policy is made; current social policy issues; and the limitations of social policy and policy analysis. Thus, choosing Canadian Social Policy, Fifth Edition: Issues and Perspectives was a logical choice.  Anne Westhues (Editor), Brian Wharf (Editor) have put together a variety of chapters from authors that helped shed light on a variety of issues in current Canadian social polices. Whilst my personal favorite was Chapter 5 Indigenous Wholistic Healing in Social Policy: Rethinking, Reframing, and Re-presenting Policy Development for Indigenous People by Mac Saulis, each author made a compelling argument for their respective topics. This edition facilitates the use of guest speakers. Our class had the pleasure of having Mr. Kim Reid – Founder/Operator of On Rock Community Services give a talk this semester whilst linking his class visit with Chapter 9: Child Poverty and The Canadian Welfare System  by Garson Hunter and Chapter 18: Housing Policy by Jill G. Grant and Tonya Munro. Keep in mind that this edition does away with various chapters of previous editions. Thus, should you assign it, insist that your students use this edition as they will not have access to all of the material for the term. Finally, allow my students to share with you their impressions of the textbook instead. 😊

Motorcycle Safety Days Sponsored By la Société de l'Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ)


"Feeling rusty? Come tune up your skills and knowledge at Motorcycle Safety Days! We’ve teamed up with a variety of partners to help get you ready for the season."

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Welcome Home Darwin - My 1976 Honda CT70!

Meet The New & Improved Darwin
My 1976 Honda CT70
Admittedly, it was tales of Percy Hart's quest to ride that put these small monkey bikes on my radar back in 2013. Whilst I had always noticed them it never occurred to me to actually buy one until recently. Having purchased Darwin, my '76 Honda CT70 back in January of this year from a former student of mine, I am happy to report that Mr. Antoine Noel has successfully completed his motorcycle course with Sur 2 Roues this spring with the money he received for the little CT70. 😎 Whilst Antoine has been studying hard and learning the basics on how to ride a motorcycle safely on Quebec roads (if you can call them roads), Darwin has spent the last four months at L'Amis Denis being restored back to health by a group of classic bike enthusiasts. To say that the little CT70 was worse for wear would be an understatement. However, the certified technicians at L'Amis Denis worked their magic and now Darwin is riding as well as can be expected for a motorcycle in need of an entirely new carburetor. 😏 *sigh

Thursday, April 27, 2017

GET SCHOOLED! Kim Reid's Class Visit at Bishop's University!

Mr. Kim Reid
Pic © Harry Zgnilek
On Tuesday March 28, 2017 Mr. Kim Reid – Founder/Operator of On Rock Community Services drove all the way to Bishop's University from Montreal to speak to my students. Enrolled in SOC292 Social Policy, the course is an introduction to the sociological study of social policy in the Canadian context and among many things, examines civil society in relation to a rapidly changing policy context. Students acquired a broad understanding of Canadian social policy in the context of a “globalized” world. Various case studies were used to highlight the different policies that affects us both directly and indirectly. The latter included tackling child poverty and homelessness in Quebec. Thus, given Kim's extensive experience in these areas of working with children and adults in need, it made him the perfect guest speaker.

From Turning Over A New Leaf To Striking A Sustainable Balance!

Photo © naibank/Shutterstock
On March 22nd, 2017 Jennifer's students executed a kiosk event at Bishop's University encouraging both the campus community and surrounding areas to turn over a new leaf. The public information kiosks was held at the Gait where various teams presented innovations and social enterprises that  have the potential to make our societies stronger and protect our environment. Each student team had interactive activities aimed at showing how ideas of trust, reciprocity, and care for the environment can make a difference. Reporting on the event was none other than Victoria Vanier of the Stanstead Journal.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Welcome Home Bambi - My 2013 SYM Wolf Classic!

One Very Happy Customer, A Wonderful Friend and a Fantastic Motorcycle!
What more can a guy ask for!? Did I mention How Brilliant Scootart is? 😎
Pic © Scootart
A special thanks to Mr. Hart (aka Junkyard Villain) is in order for helping facilitate collecting my beautiful SYM Wolf Classic on this fine cold and rainy Irish - oops, I mean, Canadian day! He was kind enough to come out to Sherbrooke, Quebec to collect me for the sole purpose of bringing me to Scootart to pick up Bambi. Scootart, a brilliant little scooter shop is located in St. Leonard in Montreal, Quebec. I had the honour of being their first customer in 2017 at their new shop. Admittedly, I didn't really know what to expect but seeing the little SYM in person made me realize that pictures don't do this little bike justice. In person, the little SYM shines and looks the part - ready for whatever adventure you may have planned.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Harley-Davidson XR750 By Gabriel Wapachee

Pic © Silodrom: Gasoline Culture
In 1969, Harley-Davidson had no competitive racing machine because of a rule change in the sport (Harley-Davidson.com, N.D.). It is in the following year that the company released its first Harley-Davidson XR750. The motorcycle had many flaws in its first years but still had great potential. The XR750 won its first AMA Grand National Championship in its release year. The company saw its potential and took back the bike to improve it. Two years after its initial release, the company re released the motorcycle and from that point on it has dominated the racetracks accumulating more titles than any other motorcycle to this day (Gingerelli, Michels, & Everitt, 2010).  Evel Knievel, a great daredevil, used the XR750 in many of his stunts and also accumulating a lot of world records with this motorcycle. These records are still being beaten today by new stuntmen using the same motorcycle. These many records and titles gained by the many years of racing and jumping with this motorcycle has created a very important social history for the bike.

Suzuki Hayabusa: A Motorcycle of Great Social Impact By Mikael Wheeler

2017 Suzuki Hayabusa (GSX1300R)
Pic © CarAndBike
The Suzuki Hayabusa also known as the GSX1300R or ‘Busa has been on the market for over sixteen years. Obviously, with the rapid growth of technology Suzuki have made adjustments to keep it up to date. Such as rebuilding the engine back in 2008 and refreshing its appearance to stay fashionable. Suzuki, a Japanese automotive company first introduced the Busa at the 1998 Paris show (Motor Cyclist, 2009). This motorcycle socially impacted the motorcycle community in numerous ways. It has become an icon to many for delivering such power and speed. The bike itself could reach speeds of up to 187.5 mph (Colker, 1999). It was built for speed from tip to tail and managed to reach such high speeds through its aerodynamic assets. “This machine was obviously shaped, not by stylists, but by aerodynamicists.” (Motor Cyclist, 2009). The Hayabusa was different because of its aerodynamic properties, some people loved it and some didn’t. Actually, at first its unfamiliar looks didn’t convince everybody (Motor Cyclist, 2009). Was it just a Japanese gimmick? The question was quickly answered. They had just launched what has now become a historical motorcycle. Many people didn’t know the meaning of “Hayabusa”. It turns out that “Hayabusa” is Japanese for “Peregrine falcon” (Colker, 1999), the fastest falcon in the world.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Inked by Noémie at Nephty's Tattoo Parte Cinco!

Nearly Done!
As my sleeve nears completion I am already thinking about other projects. Part addiction or just a clever way to learn how to tattoo via observation? I'll let you decide! 😏 Watching Noémie complete two of the last mandalas destined for my arm yesterday gave me a chance to clearly see how she does her line work. All that is left at this point is to fill in the sleeve with various geometric shapes and perhaps one final mandala on the top of my hand and a small(ish) one on the right side of the lowest mandala. I'll also be meeting with Crystal-Marie (aka Eternal Sunshine) in two weeks to do the remaining touch ups on my back tattoo! The entire experience has been cathartic and whilst I would like to think that its nearing an end, there is still much to do. I plan on having my chest and right arm done at a later date; not to mention Todd Beck has plans to have me tattoo myself as part of my apprenticeship... though, I am not entirely convinced about the latter to be honest. 😒 

Like what you see? 
Contact Nephty's Tattoo today and set up an appointment with Noémie. 😎

Contact Information
 61 Wellington Street North,
Sherbrooke, QC J1H 5A9
Tel: (819) 563-6030

7th International Journal Of Motorcycle Studies Conference

22-24 JUNE, 2017

"The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies (IJMS) is dedicated to the study and discussion of motorcycling culture in all its forms—from the experience of riding and racing to the history of the machine, the riders and design to the images of motorcycling and motorcyclists in film, advertising and literature. We welcome submissions on all areas related to the cultural phenomenon of motorcycling. We invite contributions from all members of the motorcycling community." 

Picture & Words © IJMS

Tattooing A to Z: A Guide to Successful Tattooing By Huck Spaulding

"For years the Tattoo industry was shrouded in secrecy. Artists didn't want others in their area, which they assumed they owned because they were established. What they forgot is how they got there and that they were not born tattooists. So the big question was, where do I obtain the knowledge needed to become a tattoo artist? This insightful and straightforward book gives you the facts about tattooing. Tattooing A to Z was written to share with you what Huck learned through many years of first hand experience. Don't expect this book to make a master tattooist out of you in a few days, but what you will gain from it may have taken you years to find out. From setup and maintenance of machines to setting up your own shop, Tattooing A to Z, A Guide to Successful Tattooing is a valuable tool for anyone starting out in the business. We hope that it gives you the information you have long been searching for."

From Academia to Tattooing - Becoming A Tattoo Artist!

Wait Until They Get A Load of Me... 😎

Until recently, I never really considered becoming a tattoo artist. Whilst I enjoy having them, the career path to becoming one has often left something to be desired. Unlike many trades, the industry remains relatively unregulated in North America. That being said, there are those that stand out and separate themselves from the riff raff.  As Crystal-Marie (aka Eternal Sunshine) aptly points out in The Tattoo Life, tattooing has come a long way. Popularized by reality television shows like Miami Ink, L.A. Ink, and Bondi Ink to name but a few, for better or worse perceptions of tattoos have evolved.