Saturday, October 1, 2016

Scratching The Itch - Boxing 101

Beginner Boxing - Are You Too Old to Box? 
4 Reasons to Get Started 
By JT Van T

After a lifetime of finding excuses not to, I finally signed up for boxing lessons today at Club Boxing De Sherbrooke. I don't have delusions of grandeur. I am overweight, I was diagnosed with acute adult onset asthma twelve years ago and  I had a herniated disk three years ago whilst trying to put a pair of socks on. I am told the latter is quite common amongst men of my age. I suppose you could say that I am as fit as a fiddle... a very old, water damaged and stringless fiddle. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's Almost Time

Album Cover
Just a little over a year ago, I wrote why I was going to record an album. Many things have changed since that time and so I decided to delete my old post, and write a new one. The primary reason for recording an album still eludes me. Perhaps, it was my friends and family asking when I would record a second one. Perhaps it was loving a challenge, or the fun I knew I would have during the process working with and learning from talented people.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Why Choose Anthropology As A Career!

Photo © Trinity

Whether you are a graduate or you are simply curious there has never been a better time to think of doing an undergraduate degree in anthropology! Despite popular misconceptions that anthropologists work primarily with dinosaur bones- which is in fact what Palaeontologists do - they are in fact beginning to make way into the 21st century as leading contributors in various fields. Anthropology is in fact broken into five sub-categories. They are: Linguistics, Archaeology, Medical Anthropology, Physical Anthropology and Social & Cultural Anthropology. Each section has branched off into its own discipline over the course of the last century allowing for individuals to specialise in either field. Each field is quite specific and depending on whether your career aspirations involve forensics, medicine and nursing, media, social work, social/special care, tourism, business, management, museums, law or education an undergraduate degree in sociology and 3anthropology can provide you with the skills necessary to make any career a successful one.

A Brief Analysis of ISIS’ Terror and the Westerners’ Response By Aimée Pocock

Terror of |Terrorism
Photo © BBC News, 2014
"After the shock of September 11, Americans rallied around the flag in support of their country and their government. Unfortunately, that commendable sentiment brought a blind loyalty, an unquestioning willingness to accept whatever the leadership said was necessary to fight terrorism. By suppressing our natural scepticism, turning off our analytical filters, we participated in a major national mistake, the invasion of Iraq" (Clarke, 2004).

Mind The Gap By Emily Voggenreiter

Photo © Marc's Blog
Since 1969, Gap Inc. has been making their iconic jeans and clothing line. This company has integrated and diversified, expanding more and more as the years go by. Gap Inc. is the leading specialty retailer worldwide and has become a multinational corporation. Unfortunately, this company has been accused of human rights violations for over a decade that continue to this day. The Gap Inc. has slipped through the cracks and have kept accusations of human rights abuses at bay despite growing evidence in support of said accusations. The following will focus on two points that largely influence Gap Inc. to continue its practices: matters of geographic placements of their factories and the idea of financial losses and gains.

The Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy By Marie-Christine Joly

Equine Assisted Therapy
Photo © greyerbaby

Cynthia K. Chandler (2005, p.5) describes Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) that exploits the strong human-animal bond in order to help the human in a certain healing process. In order to be considered as animal-assisted therapy, the animal as well as the instructor of the animal, both have to be trained under certain criteria. Chandler notes that in this process, the therapist sets up some therapy goals and measures the progress with each meeting. Moreover, AAT can be used in a wide variety of ways: in group therapy or individual therapy, it can be used to help children, adults, and elders and can also be used to help treating a lot of different mental or physical health problems.

Witchcraft and Unfortunate Events Amongst the Azande By Jessica Boissonneau

Photo © Royal Anthropological Institute

Amongst the Azande, E.E. Evans Pricthard (1937) explores how witchcraft is used as a complex explanation for death, misfortune and the complications of life. If any of these fall upon any one or anything, it is due to witchcraft. They believe it can be inherited and that a person can be a witch, causing others harm, without realizing their influence. However, witchcraft explains why events are harmful to man, not how they happen. (Evans-Pritchard, 1937, p. 72) For example, there was a little boy that knocked his foot against a small stump of wood in the center of a bush path and suffered pain and inconvenience. It began to infect. The boy stated that it had been witchcraft that made him knock his foot on a stump. Evans-Pritchad (1937) tried to argue with him that maybe he had knocked it because he was careless and wasn’t paying attention. The boy argued back that if he hadn’t been bewitched, he would have seen the stump as he was carefully looking ahead. The boy also stated that cuts usually heal quite fast as it is the nature of a cut, but why, on the contrary, had this cut infected if there was no witchcraft involved? However, when viewed from the western point of view, it would be seen to be caused by human error and carelessness.