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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In Loving Memory...

... of
Linda Louise Snow
1956 - 2009

When The Heart  

When the heart 
is cut or cracked or broken 
Do not clutch it 
Let the wound lie open  

Let the wind 
From the good old sea blow in 
To bathe the wound with salt 
And let it sting  

Let a stray dog lick it 
Let a bird lean in the hole and sing 
A simple song like a tiny bell 
And let it ring  

Michael Leunig (1945 - )

Where Words Have Failed Me...


  1. That's a beautiful video, Mario. Made me cry.

  2. What a beautiful video, Mario......They would be very proud of how far you have come, and the family that you have now......

    Mrs. Webb

  3. Hi Mario,

    The memoriam video for Linda is ‘can’t think of a word, to express just how wonderful I think it is!’ Moistened my eyes!! Your family pictures are so great to look at! Even tho’ they hurt, you must love to look at them!!

    Aunt Mary

  4. Its really nice video. Continue with this good work.


  5. Very nice tribute to your family and very well done. I enjoyed it very much.


  6. We enjoyed the photos . We thought Joel is very like Mario when he was that age.. thankyou Mario for the tribute to your mother which you sent us. It was very touching & we appreciated you sharing that with us.

    Lots of Love & God Bless
    G dad & Gran

  7. Heart... you possess tons. Beautiful post. Thank you.


  8. Very touching!