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Exploring the Unknown
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Studies - The Online Course!

This course examines the cultural phenomenon of motorcycling and its use in music, literature, film, advertising and art world wide. The study of motorcycles as a form of cultural icon also serves as a basis for discussing gender, class, identity and community. Students will be given the unique opportunity to examine all that motorcycling has to offer including hands on experience in designing and building their own two wheeled concept machine. Students are encouraged to participate regularly by sharing information, opinions and case studies.

Developed Before WWI, This BMW Never Saw Production!
Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Studies is a tertiary level course that I created for the department of Humanities at a college that I work for. Students interested in taking this course for fun can do so for FREE! There are several exercises provided via Versal's Interactive Gadgets that Versal Students (You!) can use to test your mastery of the material. Also, please note that this course is constantly being revised and developed over the course of the semester, thus, check back often. For more information contact me at your earliest convenience. Nota Bene: Versal Students will not receive accreditation for this course. This course is designed to be fun and informative only.

This Course Is Presently Being Revised!
Once Complete It Will be Made Available Via The Bottom of this Blog!

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