Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown
Representing the 99%!

Junkyard Villain

Percy Hart (aka: Junkyard Villain)
Riding and Playing Music to Fight Hunger

I'm just a guy who uses music to share his story. So this is my life with help from everyone and everything around me.

How It Started

I remember growing up with music in our home. Cat Stevens, America, Billy Joel, Elvis Presley, Four Seasons just to name a few.  Music was played often and served as a happy time in our home and although I grooved to the tunes, I was too young to understand the significance and influence these sounds had on me at the time. The songs that meant the most to me spoke of true feelings and if the song had a great rhythm then it was a good one as far as I was concerned.

I remember pretending I was a performer at a young age. I would unscrew the broom handle and jam it into the couch and it would become an instant Microphone. I would sing along to the tunes on the radio or the album of choice and my heart would be filled with joy. After several failed attempts to learn how to play the guitar as well as writing a bunch of badly written songs I was about to call it quits when personal hardship touched my life. A series of events took place that started to change who I was. In 2008 I started writing about how I was feeling, from my heart. I dug down deep and I began to let my guard down and simply started to tell my story through my song writing. The more honest I was with myself, the more I began to heal and the more people connected to my music.
As I healed, I understood that it was partly due to the honesty and pain of my songs. I was becoming free with each word, each verse and each melody. Along the journey I was encouraged at every step by friends & family and that was when we began with the fundraising shows. The fundraising events became, and still is a means for me to personally give back to the world.

What am I doing this for? 

Live at The Mariposa Café in Montréal

Well, I’ve been given some of the greatest gifts in life. A life filled with Inspiration, Love, and hope. I see it in the faces of most people I meet and I try to mirror what I see and feel in the world. Fundraising for a good cause means giving back for me and I wish to inspire the world to feel as I do. "To be a positive force in the world" is a phrase I learnt 21 years ago, however I did not fully understand what it meant until 2009 when the fundraising started.
I would not be truthful if I was to say that I did not want to do music for a living. There is nothing more therapeutic for me, then spending time creating a song. From finding the melody or sound on the guitar and crafting the lyrics.
Telling a story that is only 3 minutes long, but that show’s you my heart, mind and soul is something that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. Along my journey I have met so many beautiful people who have and continue to inspire and encourage me to continue writing and continue searching for that sound. In the end I play music and fundraise because it feels right in so many ways that I just can’t stop now.

Giving Back

The above interview aired in August 2015 and although I put the album recording on the back burner while I completed other projects, I came to realize that recording my album would require more focus than I had the time to commit to in 2015 due to other fundraising projects, that I held off. 

Heavy Load By Junkyard Villain 
LIVE at Rock The Cause 5

January 2016 is here and I have now begun the pre-production (demo) of my album and am working towards having the album released for my 50th birthday in June. You can say, it will be to me from me with love kind of birthday present.

MaryJane By Junkyard Villain
LIVE at Rock the Cause 5

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have encouraged and supported me. There are far to many people to list here, but I want everyone to know that without your support I would not have come this far. It means the world to me that you have connected with my tunes and I will continued to write from my heart.

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Peace, Love & Time.
Junkyard Villain


  1. I just love the way you put this together Mario.
    Thank you brother.